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 Reason Why We Need Donation.

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PostSubject: Reason Why We Need Donation.   Tue Jan 02, 2007 3:30 pm

Our SERVER is about a week old now. Actually I made this SERVER for my pastime only, for myself to play. But I am curious and I ask myself what if I'll make this ONLINE. There will be many players to play with if that happens. I tried to make all that I can to make the SERVER online. So that's why we now have RoyalRan Online Internationally. The making of this SERVER is really out of preparation. I am expecting only about ten people to join my server. I did not expect a vast number of user registration right after I made the SERVER online. My cellphone was loaded with messages containing usernames and passwords and even my inbox in the forum is always 100% full up to now. I cannot manage the overwhelming increase in players and the corresponding technical problems that arise. I am the only one running this SERVER with the help of my Brother Fliker. I'm glad that there are people that volunteered to be a forum moderator. That makes my unexpected job to be lessened.

Currently our server can accomodate few players online without LAG. But we cannot stop other players to register and play. The increase of the number of users makes LAG problems to arise. This problem has a solution and this is to upgrade the specifications of the SERVER. With your donations we can increase the processor capacity, physical memory, internet connection and the overall performance of the SERVER. I am looking forward for your help and understanding to the current problems that we encounter. This is a FILIPINO SERVER, atin po ito at HINDI nanggaling sa Malaysia. Hindi po ito tulad ng ibang SERVER na ipinagbabawal ang tagalog kasi full Enlish daw sila. Kaya po sa tulong nyo lang malalampasan natin ang iba sa good service na ibibigay namin sa inyo.

Your Donations will GO TO:

*Purchase of a MACHINE capable of processing vast amount of data per second.

*Internet connection UPGRADE to DSL for smooth gaming.

*Electrical expenses of the SERVER to make it ONLINE 24/7

*More and more improvements like direct connection without a need of HAMACHI.

The RoyalRan Online
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Reason Why We Need Donation.
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